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Catherine Languido

M: 615.609.0488

Meet Cat Languido, a Realtor with nearly a decade of experience, who has been leaving her mark on the vibrant real estate scene of Nashville since 2016. Originally hailing from the iconic city of Chicago, Cat made the bold move to Nashville, and it's safe to say she's been making Music City her own ever since. Beyond her professional prowess in real estate, Cat and her husband John have been active real estate and business investors in the Nashville market, as well as parts of the Southeast region. Having experienced firsthand moving to a new city without any friends, family or support system - Cat has always been passionate about building meaningful relationships, connecting people and building communities. She prides herself on providing the utmost care and service to her clients, her fellow Realtors and industry professionals as a whole.

Roots and Resilience:

Cat's journey began in the heart of Chicago, where she developed a deep appreciation for urban life and the value of close-knit communities. This love for vibrant neighborhoods and the people who bring them to life became the cornerstone of her career. In 2016, she and her husband decided to embark on a new adventure, relocating to Nashville, where they've planted their roots and embraced the southern way of life with open arms.

Professional Excellence:

With nearly a decade of experience as a Realtor, Cat has honed her skills to perfection. Her innate ability to understand her clients' needs, combined with her extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, has consistently led to successful transactions and countless happy homeowners. Cat’s dedication to her craft shines through in her commitment to making each real estate experience not just smooth but truly enjoyable.

A Heart for People:

Beyond her career achievements, Cat is known for her genuine passion for people. She believes that every client has their own unique story and home journey. For Cat, it's not just about the property; it's about the client and providing a white-glove service tailored to their individual needs. Her warm and welcoming personality has endeared her to countless clients and friends alike. Cat's clients often become lifelong friends, a testament to her authenticity and dedication to fostering meaningful connections.

Family First:

Cat's love for her community extends to her own family. She and her husband are proud parents of three wonderful kids who fill their home with joy and laughter. Her family is not just her foundation but also her inspiration to create a better world, one home, one client, one business at a time.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Cat and her husband are not just passionate about real estate; they are active real estate and business investors. Together, they've built a diverse portfolio of companies within the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area, as well as a real estate investments across parts of the Southeast region. Their entrepreneurial spirits and commitment to growth have contributed not only to their personal success but also to the economic vitality of the region.

In Cat Languido, you'll find more than just a Realtor; you'll discover a genuine, community-focused individual with a heart for people, a dedication to making dreams come true, and an unwavering commitment to providing white-glove service to every client on their unique home journey. Whether you're a newcomer to Nashville or a long-time resident, Cat is the trusted partner you need to navigate the real estate landscape and build a future that you'll cherish for years to come.

Catherine Languido
Mobile: 615.609.0488
Corcoran Reverie
30 Burton Hills Blvd., Ste 207
Nashville TN 37215

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